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s rack cabinet, pano, armature, rack console, laser cutting, punch, folding, sheet metal, electrostatic powder paint, product stand, antistatic paint, multiswitch, fiber optic, headend, transmitter, receiver, modulator, transmodulator, qam, tap off, group tap off, splitter, group splitter, camera, antenna, lnb, bus systems, intercom, smart home, tekniksat, patch panel, amplifier, console, set top box, exterior cladding, splitter, aplink
ELZI D.O.O.        Bosna Hersek     Elvis Music    
s electrical, satellite equipments, diseqc motor, dish, koaxial cable, lnb, receiver
s satellite dish, satellite antenna, offset antenna, prime focus antenna, receiver, lnb, coaxial cable, satellite sytems, satellite, antenna, dish, wall bracket, ground bracket, bracket, satellite syatems, tractor spare parts, turbocharger, turbo, tractor, automotive, automotive spare parts, wall brackets, satellite receiver, tractor parts, tool bag, turbocharger parts, turbo parts, satellite receivers, antennas, satellite systems, multiswitch, dish antennas, satellite antenna, satellite antennas, antenna bracket, antenna brackets, satellite cable, satellite antenna cable, satellite antenna cables, ground brackets, antenna mounting parts, mounting parts, antenna mounting elements, antenna assembly tools, lnb holder, lnb holders, antenna elements, antenna spare parts, turbo spare parts, turbocharger spare parts, reaction spring, tractor spring, tractor springs, reaction springs, satellite equipments, antenna assembly parts, antenna assembly components, lnb for satellite systems
KOZA ELECTRONIC FOREIGN TRADE        Türkiye     Mustafa Berk    
s electronic, lcd tv, mobile phone, receiver, export, export
THERMOBLUE OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Özgür SERBEST    
s air conditionings, air conditioners, coolers, cooling systems, heaters, heating systems, marine cooling systems, marine coolers, marine sunroofs, marine accessories, auto air conditioners, vehicle air conditioners, light commercial air conditioners, truck air conditioners, tow truck air conditioners, heavy construction equipment air conditioners, earth mover air conditioners, tractor air conditioners, dry type heaters, water stations, boilers, hot-water tanks, marine dry type heaters, marine water tanks, marine hot-water tanks, air, drier, conditioner, condenser, evaparator, evoparator, compressor, belt, bracket, ftting, fan, axial, blower, cooling, cool, heat, heater, webasto, electric, room, vehicle, bus, minibus, heating, expansion, valve, light, oring, ga, r134a, r404a, r410a, airwell, product, indoor, outdoor, monosplit, casette, ducted, airconditioner, air conditioner, work, machine, backhoe loader, excavator, tractor, truck, defance, military, presure, switch, wiring, cooler, exchanger, fitting, hose, air conditioning, heating system, electrical, receiver, pressure, cooling system, climate, auto air conditioner, vehicle air conditioner, light commercial air conditioner, truck air conditioner, tow truck air conditioner, heavy construction equipment air conditioner, tractor air conditioner, turck, kompressor, r404a, r134a, electrical air conditioner, electrical cooler
BORA HAVACILIK VE SAVUNMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tuğgen YÜKSEL    
s aero, aircraft, spare parts, spare, parts, helicopter, plane, defence, aviation, textile, military, air, ground, turbine, motor engine, engine, aircraft engine, machine, flap, both, valfe, bolt, screw, lamp, led, filtre, drone, jet, turbo, probe, airvehicle, flight, cocpit, radio, earphone, walk talk, uniform, belt, hat, tire, recorder, gasket, oring, battery, pressure, system, set, case, gloves, projector, cable, rope, wire, equipment, glass, balistic, steel, armor, body, suit, metal, technologies, computer, electrical, electronic, chemical, shelflife, paint, tools, radar, radom, scope, transmitter, receiver, emergency, wind, packet, hidrolic, work safety, parachute accessories, assembly, cabin, safety, tactical gloves, hook cable system, tactical, airport, winglet, fuselage, weapon, hardware, aircraft tyre, empennage, undercarriage, arresting barrier, ordnance, monoplane, multiplane, command and control system, medical apron, cabin crew training, heavy construction equipment, stab vest, balistic protective vest, jumpsuit for paintball, camouflage, hunting gloves, tactical knee guard, crash helmet, headlamp, silver scabbardfish, handcuff, kit bag, helicopter, radar, scope
SINUS ELEKTRONIK        Türkiye     Aykut Ayan    
s automatic sliding door, garage opener, photocell door, receiver, remote control, shutter ups, sliding door, welding machine, automatic door, glass door, automatic glass door, sliding door, autodoor, garage door, gate door
ATMACA ELEKTRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     Erkan ENGİN    
s televisions, satellite receiver, sound image, navigation, car systems, kitchen products, personal care, cleaning, white goods, heating cooling, led tv, receiver, antenna, lnb, central distribution systems, dvd player, sound system, blender, cookers, oven, fryer, grill, pizza pan, scale, hair styling, hair dryer, curling irons, digital bathroom scale, mini vacuum cleaner, water filter vacuum cleaner, 4k, 4k led tv, blenders, tv, television, vacuum cleaner, electric vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, mixer blender, microwave oven, amplifier, deep fryer, electrical heater, infrared heater, water dispenser, water heater, fridge, air curtain, electric water heater, toaster, ventilator, saloon type air conditioner, deep freezer, home electronics, ice box, cooker hood, kitchen devices, electric grid, subwoofer, horizontal water filter vacuum cleaner, carpet washing machine, water filtered vacuum cleaner, mini fridge, fan, split type ac, floor standing type ac, cassette type ac, ceiling floor type ac, infrared heating system, portable air conditioner, floor standing type air conditioner, inverter split air conditioner, electrical water heater, alura led tv, mini satelite receiver, interior lnb, bluetooth speaker, car tape with navigasyon, electric grill, tea maker, fruit juicer, kettle, vertical type freezer, quartz heater, turbo mini oven, cooktop, electrical carpet cleaner, electrical grill, small household appliances, small electrical houseware, car electronics, led monitor, integrated satellite receiver led tv, full hd led monitor, vacuum cleaning machine, office type fridge
DEVINIM TEKNIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa UZUN    
s satellite communication equipment, satellite communication, live broadcast antennas, live broadcast tool, automatic mobile antennas, ku band, ka band, automatic antenna roof mounted, motorized antenna roof mounted, antenna roof mounted, vsat antenna, vsat antenna equipment, vsat antenna installation, tv set up, television building complete installation, rf equipment, up link system installation, down link system installation, tx antenna, rx antenna, receiver, satellite receivers, tv installation, satellite dish
s informatics, informatic, information technologies, telecomminication, communication technologies, communication, computers, computer parts, software, data processing, information processing, data processing services, receiver, satellite receivers, internet technologies, electricity, electronic, mechatronics, automation, automation systems, technology, equipment, network, communication systems, cabling, softwares, computer hardware, automation system, communication equipments, network systems, telecommunications, pc, industrial automations, it systems, it system
BARBAROS ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet KOZ    
s switchboards, switchboard, modulator, modulators, taps, splitters, lnbf, single channel modulators, multiswitchboards, splitter, amplifiers, cable, cables, type cable, receivers, receiver, antenna, galvanized antenna, connectors, wall sockets, antenna positioner, diagrams, setup diagram, cable products, fiber products, splitter, fiber optic products, tv accessories, cable product, modultor products, tv accessory
ANTES ELEKTRONIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s satellites, lnb, receiver, multiswitch, switch, headend systems, rack cabinets
MAK SAVUNMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet Ali KARATOKUŞ    
s defense products, defense materials, lemo connectors, pyrocool fef, pyrocool aerosol, trigger assembly, housing, accelerator housing, ejector support, feed support, feed return housing, machine gun cover, cartridge guide, arm guide, arm safety, guide rod, machine gun slide olt, slide bolt, trigger housing, firing pin guide, barrel latch block, sear, extension trigger, cylinder time delay, block bolt machine, upper receiver, receiver, steering gear, lower receiver, track roller plate seal, plate, mounting bracket, foam concentrate, sponge holder, spacer, pail, fire supression, plate seal, clamping catch, firefighting foam concentrate, firefighting foam, bushing sleeve, roller axle, hoist hook, drag brace shaft, hand crank arm, access cover, outer spacer, rotating bracket, shaft collar, actuator bushing, plate spacer, sleeve bushing, mount fitting, marine scuttle, groove pulley, control coupling, bearing housing liner, support hook, feed tray pawl, shaving stand system